Ju$$ Lyfe

Doing music now for about a year, Ju$$ Lyfe is on the right path with his music.  A dope artist in the Twin Cities with the right support, focus and dedication, I will say he is on his way.  Stay in the loop with  Ju$$ Lyfe to here it from himself in his upcoming interview.

No Excuses Brand

No Excuses? Exactly what it sounds like.  Founded , March 31, 2018 the apparel brand of No Excuses.  I talked with Wanda Carter, and Phie Holmes which are the CEO’s of No Excuses clothing brand.  No Excuses is what they are standing on when it comes to what they want to accomplish.  The sign itself means development and growth, as they say “There is no excuses to becoming whatever you want”.  You can literally do anything as long as you get rid of the excuses and put your mind to it.  Wanda and Phie love to bring a positive impact in the community and give back.  Their brand is a great influence in itself telling people that there is no excuses to growing toward what you want to become.

The two CEO’s started out with being a part of many different events with just the log, trying to get the brand out there and seen.  One of the platforms they both have an opportunity to share the brand with is the youth, both working in the school systems, they fell that they can make a positive impact on the youth with the message they are trying to put out there with their brand.  They teach the youth about how to build websites, they teach a self-success class for 16 and 20 year old’s, teaching life skills , how to fill out W 2’s write checks, just giving guidance where they are lacking.  They also have done back pack giveaways, different private events with giveaways and just promoting No excuses.  They have done pop up shops and had artist perform, which now pop up shops are a big thing these days.

Some things to look forward to with No excuses are some summer events, more pop up shops, and just connecting with other entrepreneurs to work together and make an impact on the community. Wanda and Phie has recently gone wholesale which means there will be more to come.  When I asked what inspires them, they told me living by there name “No Excuses” they are sticking to that, however, working with the youth plays a big part of what they do.  They have an opportunity to influence the youth , they represent being successful within yourself, with a great support system they feel it continues to grow.  No excuses see their selves having a store front and another location within about 5 years from now gaining more materials, more fashion shows, getting their brand in the hands of celebrities eventually.

No excuses would like to be apart of as many events as they can touch, they are very driven to keep going and build off of what they believe, that is there are No Excuses.  If you are interested in collabing. with No Excuses you can find their social Media below.

Facebook: NoExcuses Brand



Web Site: Noexcusesbrandshop.com

Email:  noexcusesbrand@yahoo.com


Written by: Melissa King

Tae Supreme

Tae Supreme is an up and coming hip hop artist that  grew up on the east side of St.Paul. He began to dabble in music while going to school. While attending St.Cloud technical college, he made an incredible freestyle that saw much success in the St.Cloud area. Soon after that freestyle circulated, he made his way back to the twin cities and immediately began to perform and hit the studio. Also while in college, him and a couple buddies started Modern Day Hippies, a collaborative of artists that promote a message of positivity.  “When you think of positivity, you think of hippies. Modern hippies are what today’s hippies would look like.” He described the group as not necessarily promoting violence. ”We talk about more positive stuff and spreading positive vibes.” “We promote peaceful turn ups.” They like when people come to their shows and just have a good time. He started his career performing at the RedSea. “I was doing open mic at the RedSea for a year straight before I even got a different show.” Tae eventually went on to frequent larger venues and has performed in a few different states across the US, including Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado,


One of Tae Supremes biggest role models has always been his dad. His dad is known as Big Homie AK, a successful Minnesota rapper. “He’s the big homie, that’s who everyone looks up to for advice .” He’s always had his dad as a mentor, but built his career with hard work and dedication. “It’s about your work ethic. If you put in the work, you’re gonna get the results you want.”   Tae Supreme has a different sound than most others. “I got a pretty distinctive demeanor. I’m not trying to follow a trend or follow a style.”. In 2019 he has a few singles coming out. Every song will come with it’s own music video. Thanks for reading, and make sure you get in the loop with Tae Supreme and The Urban Loop!


By:  Jordan Maloney

ADTMG Swavo 

Originally from Memphis TN, Swavo came to Minnesota at a young age along with with his brother.  Swavo has always been around music and always had a nac for it and has always taken music seriously.  Stay in the Loop to read his story in the Freshman Edition of The Urban Loop Magazine!

Jayy Solo

Jayy Solo isn't only known for the music she creates.  Jayy  Solo also has other talents and isn't stopping, she is also a poet and a model.  Jayy solo has recently released her first album titled Solo Since Birth but is looking at all outlets to express her creativity and talent.  Stay in the loop to read her story.

Shante Newell

"Chef Tae"

Interview with Chef Tae was awesome!  We were fed with some delicious food, the staff was dope, including her son which is an inspiring chef himself, what a good helper!  Chef Tae gave us a really good interview talking about hoe much soul and passion she puts into her food, she loves to feed people, anyone.  Chef Tae is passionate about feeding homeless and children trying to encourage cooking to young people to try to get them off of the streets.  What an inspiration.  Stay in the Loop for her full story in the Freshman Edition of The Urban Loop Magazine!

RoyalBoy Duke

What an experience this was, meeting RoyalBoy Duke.  Not only is he passion about his music, he has a dope clothing line called Black Sheep with a dope meeting behind it.  Duke is a humble, down to earth artist that is working on perfecting his craft.  Very glad we had the opportunity to meet him and learn more about his venture.  Stay in the loop for his full story and read more about his other ventures he is working on, and projects he has coming up.

Just Will

New? Somewhat, the name may ring a bell because he has been making noise on the Minnesota music scene.  As he says he is the "Teddy Pendegrass of today's R&B"  you will have to hear it for yourself.  want to know more about Just Will?  Stay in the loop to read about him in the Freshman edition of The Urban Loop Magazine!

Ashley Mari/Trippy Stylez

Not only a poet, Ashley Mari is known for her poetry, her music and her clothing line "Trippy Stylz".  Ashley has a unique style and and sound.  We were able to meet with Ashley and she was a very down to earth humble person.  Ashley also does a lot of things for the community as an activist.  Stay in the Loop to hear her story in the freshman edition of The Urban Loop Magazine!

Tangy G

Tangy G, Kicking of this Freshman Edition we had to bring in something different like Parody rap From none other than Mr. Tangy G A.K.A Tangy Nation A.K.A Big Fondu he will pour chocolate sauce on you himself. From DRAKE’S SMASH HIT “HOT LINE BLING” ( Tangy’s twist “HOT WINGZ ) AND MIGO’S “WALK IT LIKE I TALK IT (and of course Tangy’s version WALKING TACO ), Tangy G is bringing you nothing but fun music and laughter “how could you hate this guy” Growing up on both the South and North side of Minneapolis, Minnesota Tangy G got his name because him and his homies were always musty/tangy lol funny right ! so they started calling everything tangy this tangy that then Tangy Nation and Tangy G was born. Having the passion for food, the love of music and wanting to be in comedy Tangy G figured why not put them all together ! Working on a possible Crockpot Music 3 , a series of undeniably good mixtapes of covers of some of the world's favorite songs all about food. Not only does Tangy G and Tangy Nation rap they are real food critics and have been to many different ethnic, local and global restaurants and told you the truth is it good or not ! With that being said 2019 is looking to be a great year with new music like you never heard before, i mean no parody the serious Tangy G this summer is gonna be hot. Also looking to maybe open a food truck ran by his mother be out the look out for Tangy G at a local spot near year. Hey if you got a spot you want Tangy g and Tangy Nation to check him out at and I quote “YOU CAN'T FIND ME, BUT LOOK FOR ME THOUGH…..TANGY G, TANGY NATION” Welp Tangy G has spoken himself do ya research and #GETINTHELOOP WITH TANGY G AND THE URBAN LOOP


Alexis Brazil


Alexis Brazil is an up and coming fashion designer in the Twin Cities.   She is the founder of a company named Lexurie and has already made a pretty good name for herself.  Stay in the loop to read her story on the Freshman Edition of The Urban Loop Magazine.

Lil Crush

One of the humblest youngsters we have met thus far.  With an amazing passion for music, he is far in the game for being so young but has far to come.  Lil Crush has a unique sound, he has a love for all genres of music and is not stopping anytime soon.  We have had the opportunity to meet Lil Crush and get a full interview.  Stay in the loop for more coming in the Freshman Edition!

Cocaine Carii

Cocaine Carri, a MN female music artist that  has made a name for herself quick.  Cocaine Carri has some pretty dope projects coming in the near future.  She has been doing her thing in and out of town.  Stay in the loop to see whats next in the Freshman Edition of The Urban Loop Magazine!  


Demetria Dyer

Demetria Dyer was destined for great things. Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, she and her family eventually settled down in Minneapolis when Demetria was still pretty young. Demetria always imagined herself achieving a higher education so right after graduating high school she attended Concordia College in Saint Paul to complete her undergraduate studies, earning a degree in communications.


When she started her post secondary education she didn’t exactly know what her endgame was but she knew she excelled at writing which led do her degree in communications and eventually led to her considering law school. After earning her undergraduate degree, Demetria took a couple years off to figure out what she wanted to do. Encouraged by her brother, she took a leap of faith and decided to apply to law school. She wanted to attend a school that was in Minnesota but that also offered a good scholarship. Demetria chose to attend Mitchell Hamline which was near to family and offered and amazing scholarship that covered almost 75% of her school expenses.


Law School was a completely different challenge compared to undergrad. The work was a lot more strenuous and required large amounts of reading and self motivation. Law school was very independent and self led. Demetria not only attended classes, did school work, reading, and studying, but she also had to keep a job working at a legal aid organization to help with her expenses. Nearing the end of her last semester, Demetria started to feel burnt out and stretched thin but she realized it was unrealistic to quit after all the hard work she put in. Inspired by the strength of her mother and surrounded by the constant support of her family, she just kept going and powered through any obstacle she encountered.


The last big step in finishing her time at law school was completing the arduous bar exam. Demetria studied for 3-4 months before attempting the exam. She was worried about taking it but she had faith that she would pass because she was prepared and put the work in. After passing with flying colors, she took her oath and accepted a position as an attorney practicing civil litigation. Throughout her time in law school and the beginning of her career she had the opportunity to attend many networking events put on by organizations like the Minnesota association of black lawyers. She mentioned one of the hardest things about being a young black lawyer is your own self doubt, you have to remind yourself that yes, you do belong there and surround yourself with people that tell you that as well.


By: Jordan Maloney

DJ Mickey Breeze

Introducing DJ Mickey Breeze!  This young entrepreneur has been producing/DJing since he was 8 years old and he isn't done yet.  Mickey breeze  has headlined at several events.  Stay in the loop to hear more from this young star.