Melissa King


Inspired by her husband and the love they both have for music.  After the tragic loss of their son, several years past and Melissa saw her husbands involvement in the Minnesota Music scene started to lessen more and more and wanted to find a way to motivate him to get back into it.  Melissa was also seeing the music scene fall apart in Minnesota, less support of the artist more and more.  Melissa wanted to find a way to support local artist and that is how she created The Urban Loop Magazine.  A positive platform for artist and entrepreneurs to promote music and events.  Melissa does not like to be in front of the action so she found a way to help others in which she loves to do, by creating internship opportunities in the fields such as writing, photography, video recording, etc.  She thought this would give those an opportunity to create experience to add to the resumes of ones that are looking to grow in these fields. Melissa plans to continue to grow this platform to the best of her ability for the community in which she was born and raised.